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Public Liability Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Although it is not legally required, all businesses should consider this cover. Public Liability insurance covers you against any claims made against your business (e.g. if you were held legally liable for causing injury to a Third Party whilst on your premises, or for damage caused to their property). Legal costs in defending claims against you are also covered.

What is the minimum level of cover?

There is no legal minimum level of cover. However, £5,000,000 is the typical limit. We also have access to schemes that offer a higher limit where required.

Do homeworkers need Public Liability Insurance?

You may require Public Liability Insurance, even if you work from home.

For example, customers may meet you at your home office. The policy will cover you if they injure themselves while they are on your premises. It is also important to remember that your policy should cover off-site as well as on-site jobs.

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