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Goods in Transit Insurance



Cargo is carried by many modes of transport - air, sea, water and road - and usually by more than one mode during it's journey from A to B. Everything we see around us, from raw materials to finished products, such as furniture and clothing, building materials, foodstuffs, minerals, rubber and more, will at some time have been cargo.

In insurance terms, cargo is often forgotten or ignored, and to compound matters, many importer or exporters wrongly believe that the cargo carrier's contractual conditions will compensate them for any loss or damage. Cargo insurance is normally arranged by a supplier or buyer overseas or placed by a freight-forwarder on behalf of the exporter.

Who needs Cargo insurance?

Manufacturing companies, suppliers, wholesalers and selling agents, repairers and service companies could all have the need for this invaluable protection. In short, any company that imports or exports goods is a potential client.

In terms of identifying potential new Cargo business, look out for the following:

  • Does the company have the words 'importers' or 'exporters' in their name?
  • Does the word 'international' or 'European' appear in their name?
  • Does the company name indicate an association with an overseas country?
  • Does the company's business cards prefix the phone number with the international dialling code '00 44...'?

Additional benefits

In addition, your clients can extend their Cargo insurance further to cover:

  • Inland sendings
  • Temporary storage outside of ordinary transit
  • Travellers' samples
  • Engineers' tools
  • Exhibitions in UK and overseas
  • Inter-factory movements

Marine cargo


Marine Cargo products provide a range of comprehensive protections, we provide cargo insurance, Freight Liability insurance and commercial hull and liabilities insurance.

Key product features:

  • Cargo: covering goods being shipped around the world and/or while in transit in the UK.
  • Freight Liability: covering the liability of carriers and bailees - such as hauliers, warehouse-keepers, couriers and freight forwarder - for loss or damage to goods being moved or stored.
  • Commercial and Hull Liability: covering the hull and machinery of vessels, along with relevant third-party liability risks in the UK.

Additional benefits

  • Tailored solutions to meet your clients' individual needs.
  • Flexible proactive claims handling, including a fast-track facility for claims up to £3,000.
  • Easy-to-use claims envelope, where all documents are requested in one go.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions advice.

Useful guidance

Cargo: We can cover UK and European domiciled exported or importers, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and cargo agents.

Freight Liability: We consider UK domiciled hauliers, freight forwarders and warehouse keepers - covering their contractual liability for loss or damage to customers' goods.

Commercial and Hull Liability: We can cover UK and European domiciled vessel owners and operators.

We cannot provide cover for fine art, coin, money specie, container fleets or underwater equipment under any of our Marine products.

If you need any further information, please contact us.

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